Maine Goes to Israel

Maine Goes to Israel

Thursday, February 11, 2010

And...we're off! four different flights, that is. Some of us are going from Bangor via Philadelphia on USAirways to Tel Aviv, as originally planned. Some of us are going from Boston to New York, navigating from one airport to another and then continuing on El Al. Some are flying on Delta via New York. One of us is flying on another El Al flight from New York.

Well, quite the logistical challenge this has been. If all goes well, we will all arrive in the warmth of Israel Friday afternoon, where we will enjoy 70-degree weather at a kibbutz guest house in the Jerusalem foothills. Our original plan was to head down south to Mitzpeh Ramon, south of Beersheba, but there wouldn't be time to get there before Shabbat, so we'll spend Shabbat at the Ma'aleh HaChamishah kibbutz guest house and then drive down to the Negev on Saturday night after havdalah.

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